Monday, 20 August 2012

Back To School!

As we all know summer is drawing to an end and school/sixth form/university is around the corner. I'm sure many people will be looking for new clothes to buy for sixth form and university and the same applies for those who go to non-uniform secondary schools. Lets not forget all the essentials such as stationary, new books etc, but I'm sure most of us care for the clothes most! So I thought I'd create a post on outfits that could be worn to lectures and lesson, which can be casual, comfortable and trendy for all those draining hours of learning. 

1. I think this outfit is really causal and would be really comfortable. I love the parka jacket which I feel kind of makes the outfit stand out because its not the usual parka jacket as it has the leather sleeves. The Nike Blazer completes the casual feel to this outfit, I'm a sucker for Nike Blazers, Converse and Vans when it comes to sixth form and now will be University because they are just to comfortable for the walking about you have to do during the day. 

2. This another outfit which would allow you to feel comfortable during the day.  I really like coloured jeans especially pastel coloured ones, I think they would still look on trend for September and October. I will probably still wear them past these months they're just so cute and add a pop of colour to your outfit! These mint green ones also look really nice with the studded grey jumper and white Vans, which will once again allow your feet to stay in comfort. 

3. The classic white shirt, it is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe! This look would allow you to get dressed up for school, sixth form or University with out going over board. The heeled Chelsea boots look great with the black jeans and white shirt, however if your not one who's good with heels this may start to hurt your feet after a couple of hours! If you want to you could remove the collar studs and add a gold collar necklace instead for  a bit of shazam lol.

4. I love leather jackets I practically live in mine, I feel like it goes with everything. This outfit is quite girlie with the dress but makes it edgy again with the leather jacket. To bring it down into a casual look you could just add a pair of converse. I also love that the dress is longer at the back and shorter at the front, such a cute that style for skirts and dresses. 

What is your favourite look and what do you tend to wear to school, sixth form or University?



  1. Love this post! Can't wait to get new uni clothes!x

  2. great looks! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  3. I would totally wear all of these! Nice post - I've just done one on my wishlist going back to uni!


  4. Oooh these are fab. Particularly love the third outfit with the white converse and leather jacket! x

  5. Nice the last outfit.*_*
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