Monday, 20 August 2012

Back To School!

As we all know summer is drawing to an end and school/sixth form/university is around the corner. I'm sure many people will be looking for new clothes to buy for sixth form and university and the same applies for those who go to non-uniform secondary schools. Lets not forget all the essentials such as stationary, new books etc, but I'm sure most of us care for the clothes most! So I thought I'd create a post on outfits that could be worn to lectures and lesson, which can be casual, comfortable and trendy for all those draining hours of learning. 

1. I think this outfit is really causal and would be really comfortable. I love the parka jacket which I feel kind of makes the outfit stand out because its not the usual parka jacket as it has the leather sleeves. The Nike Blazer completes the casual feel to this outfit, I'm a sucker for Nike Blazers, Converse and Vans when it comes to sixth form and now will be University because they are just to comfortable for the walking about you have to do during the day. 

2. This another outfit which would allow you to feel comfortable during the day.  I really like coloured jeans especially pastel coloured ones, I think they would still look on trend for September and October. I will probably still wear them past these months they're just so cute and add a pop of colour to your outfit! These mint green ones also look really nice with the studded grey jumper and white Vans, which will once again allow your feet to stay in comfort. 

3. The classic white shirt, it is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe! This look would allow you to get dressed up for school, sixth form or University with out going over board. The heeled Chelsea boots look great with the black jeans and white shirt, however if your not one who's good with heels this may start to hurt your feet after a couple of hours! If you want to you could remove the collar studs and add a gold collar necklace instead for  a bit of shazam lol.

4. I love leather jackets I practically live in mine, I feel like it goes with everything. This outfit is quite girlie with the dress but makes it edgy again with the leather jacket. To bring it down into a casual look you could just add a pair of converse. I also love that the dress is longer at the back and shorter at the front, such a cute that style for skirts and dresses. 

What is your favourite look and what do you tend to wear to school, sixth form or University?


Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Daily Want No.2

Zara (£29.99)

This is such a cute bag which I spotted on the Zara website today and thought this definitely needed to be added to my wants list! I really like the shape of this bag and I love the studs on the handles of the bag, its not too much its just right. I would like to buy this for uni but I'm not too sure how practical it would be for fitting books but I could be wrong it may be a lot bigger in person. If not then I'll just use it for day to day uses. Ooo, how could I forget, it has a strap! I love straps on handbags because it just allows you to leave the bag hanging from your shoulder and sort of gives it a casual look. The price of this bag is also really good compared to the prices of their other lovely handbags, so I think I will for sure be purchasing this! 


Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

I was going through my latest post and saw a comment that I was nominated for a Liebster award by the lovely Chloe, check out her blog: Coco Mykel She has great posts on beauty, for all you make-up lovers out there! 

These are the rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves 
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them
3. They must create 11 more questions the 'tagger' has sent for them
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post 
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told 
6. There's no tag backs

11 things about myself:
1. I was born in London 
2. I am 18 years old 
3. I have one annoying younger sister who I love dearly
4. I would love to go to Dubai, LA, New York, Paris, Cannes, Morocco, Miami and Las Vegas 
5. I love coca cola so much that I tried giving it up for lent but that didn't work very well! 
6. I always tell myself  I'm going to exercise daily but never seems to work, I WILL accomplish this one day lol
7. The one meal I could eat and not get sick of is Nandos 
8. I've never owned any pets, however at one point I did want a couple of gold fishes 
9. I would love for Vera Wang to design my wedding dress
10. My best summer has got to the be the one of 2010
12. I'm scared of aeroplanes, especially when they fly past my bedroom window! 

Chloe's 11 questions for me: 

Q: Why did you start your blog?
A: I decided to start my own blog because I had been reading my favourite bloggers such as Shirley B Eniag for so long and thought it was time for me to finally start my own.

Q: What is your most essential beauty item/product? 
A: I would say my most essential beauty item/product is Vaseline or Carmex because no one likes to have chapped lips and these are saviours in times of need lol, especially in the winter! 

Q: Who's blogs are you loving at the moment? (Pick 3)
A:  The three blogs that I am loving at the moment are - Ring My BellMariannan and Jessica French

Q: If you would choose anyone , who would do your make-up for a special occasion?
A: I would choose Joyce Bonelli, she does the best make-up looks and always makes it look so flawless but natural.

Q: What's your favourite dinner?
A: My favourite dinner has got to me my mums jollof rice and chicken its just so yummy! (Ghanaian food) 

Q: Is there anything your looking forward to in the next couple of weeks? 
A: Well I find out if I've got into university next Thursday and if I get in I'll be looking forward to all the shopping I'm going to have to do. 

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: No unfortunately I don't have any pets, I would like a little Jack Russell I think they are the only dogs I would be able to handle 

Q: Are you a follower of my blog? 
A: Yes, I am a follower of your blog :) 

Q: What music/musician are you loving at the moment?
A: The musician which I am loving at the moment has got to be John Legend especially with his latest song 'Tonight'

Q: Who/what inspires you?
A: I have different inspirations for certain things such as fashion or beauty but in general I think I'm always inspiring myself to do better and good things in life

Q: What is your biggest dream/ambition?
A: My biggest dream is to get into university and come out with a 1st or a 2:1, get myself a good job, get married and have kids!

My 11 questions:

1. What is your all time favourite blog?
2. What is your favourite season?
3. Your essential items of clothing for this season?
4. Who are your style inspirations?
5. What is your favourite book?
6. What is your most worn item of clothing?
7. What is your dream city to live? 
8. Three things you never leave the house without?
9. Top three High Street store?
10. Male celebrity crush?
11. Female celebrity crush? 

My 11 Nominees:


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Day In The Life of Me

I've had such a lovely planned yet unplanned day today, so I thought it would be nice to blog about it! Me and my cousin have always loved the show Made In Chelsea and always said one day we would and today was finally the day that we decided to go. We travelled half way to Chelsea by bus and then had to walk all the way from Hyde Park Corner to Chelsea because of the Olympic events around Hyde Park. I think that has got to be the longest walk I have ever taken I am still so drained lol! After that long walk we finally saw a street sign that let us know we had finally reached the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

First photo of the day after such a long walk

Once we saw that sign we walked past Solane Square and finally reached the main Chelsea high street Kings Road. As we were walking enjoying ourselves and the area around us we see photographers flashing lights and we think okay lets cross the road and see what this is about. To our surprise it was Jamie from Made In Chelsea taking promo pictures for the his new shop Candy Kittens.

Outside Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens Store, Chelsea - Kings Roads SW3

After all of the excitement of seeing Jamie and thinking that none of them would be there; we  took a stroll and found ourselves at Chelsea Sqaure. It was a really nice and quiet area with such nice house, I would love to live there!

Chelsea Square, SW3
Once we were done visiting Chelsea Square and it's surrounding areas we were completely drained! We went to go and get something to eat and found ourselves in Nandos, it felt so good to be able to sit down and have something to eat.

 On our way to Nando's past the classic Chelsea houses

 In Nandos - was so hungry and tired that I forgot to take a picture of my food lol!

After enjoying our meal and having a rest, we decided it would be best to head home after a long but enjoyable day. We sorted ourselves out and took our last pictures of the day. Only to find out 20 mins later that would not be the case!

Our suppoused last photos of the day, I'm so short :( lol!

Once we left Nandos we walked back to Kings Road to get the bus back home until when we got there we saw this, it was actually the press/launch release of Candy Kittens!

 Jamie's Candy Kittens

 And more Candy Kittens
 Spencer Matthews

 Proudlock and two other lovely girls we met outside Candy Kitten

 Jamie, Proudlock and Francis

 Cheska and Jamie
Millie Mackintosh 

This was so unexpected and so fun to meet some of the members from Made In Chelsea! They were all so lovely and friendly when speaking to us. Francis was just like how he is in the show so cute lol. After this last picture of Millie unfortunately my camera died and it started to get a bit hectic with all of the paparazzi outside the shop. Me and my cousin were not expecting to see one member from the case let a lone six. It was such a fun day browsing around Chelsea and then the cherry on top was actually meeting the members from the show that we love!

Are any of you a fan of the show Made In Chelsea? 

Hope you're all well! 

Friday, 3 August 2012

My Dream Bedroom

I love interior designs and once wanted to be an interior designer but I can't draw just have all of the ideas in my head! My dad should be redoing my bedroom soon (once he's finally motivated himself to start!), the thought of that made me want to create a post dedicated to my dream bedroom. I would like to take aspects from these and incorporate it
 into my own. I'm quite what's the word.. minimalistic when it comes to interior designs if that's even the correct word lol. I love white, pastel and neutral colours. I feel like it makes the room look chic with a girly touch to it. The pictures above just incorporate everything I love  in a bedroom, any of those would definitely be my dream bedroom! 

What would be your dream bedroom?