Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Day In The Life of Me

I've had such a lovely planned yet unplanned day today, so I thought it would be nice to blog about it! Me and my cousin have always loved the show Made In Chelsea and always said one day we would and today was finally the day that we decided to go. We travelled half way to Chelsea by bus and then had to walk all the way from Hyde Park Corner to Chelsea because of the Olympic events around Hyde Park. I think that has got to be the longest walk I have ever taken I am still so drained lol! After that long walk we finally saw a street sign that let us know we had finally reached the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

First photo of the day after such a long walk

Once we saw that sign we walked past Solane Square and finally reached the main Chelsea high street Kings Road. As we were walking enjoying ourselves and the area around us we see photographers flashing lights and we think okay lets cross the road and see what this is about. To our surprise it was Jamie from Made In Chelsea taking promo pictures for the his new shop Candy Kittens.

Outside Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens Store, Chelsea - Kings Roads SW3

After all of the excitement of seeing Jamie and thinking that none of them would be there; we  took a stroll and found ourselves at Chelsea Sqaure. It was a really nice and quiet area with such nice house, I would love to live there!

Chelsea Square, SW3
Once we were done visiting Chelsea Square and it's surrounding areas we were completely drained! We went to go and get something to eat and found ourselves in Nandos, it felt so good to be able to sit down and have something to eat.

 On our way to Nando's past the classic Chelsea houses

 In Nandos - was so hungry and tired that I forgot to take a picture of my food lol!

After enjoying our meal and having a rest, we decided it would be best to head home after a long but enjoyable day. We sorted ourselves out and took our last pictures of the day. Only to find out 20 mins later that would not be the case!

Our suppoused last photos of the day, I'm so short :( lol!

Once we left Nandos we walked back to Kings Road to get the bus back home until when we got there we saw this, it was actually the press/launch release of Candy Kittens!

 Jamie's Candy Kittens

 And more Candy Kittens
 Spencer Matthews

 Proudlock and two other lovely girls we met outside Candy Kitten

 Jamie, Proudlock and Francis

 Cheska and Jamie
Millie Mackintosh 

This was so unexpected and so fun to meet some of the members from Made In Chelsea! They were all so lovely and friendly when speaking to us. Francis was just like how he is in the show so cute lol. After this last picture of Millie unfortunately my camera died and it started to get a bit hectic with all of the paparazzi outside the shop. Me and my cousin were not expecting to see one member from the case let a lone six. It was such a fun day browsing around Chelsea and then the cherry on top was actually meeting the members from the show that we love!

Are any of you a fan of the show Made In Chelsea? 

Hope you're all well! 


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