Monday, 17 September 2012

I think I've found my new Girl Crush!

Wow its been a while since I last put a blog post up! But the title of this post says it all I've found a new girl crush and style inspiration. Want to know who it is? *drum roll please* ADRIENNE BAILON! Some of you may be sitting there like 'huh who is she?' But she's the beautiful Adrienne who started in Cheetah Girls 1, 2 & 3, dated Rob Kardashian, was in the band 3LW and now stars a reality TV show called 'Empire Girls' with one of her closest friends Julisia, whilst trying to get her music career on the go. I've always thought she was beautiful but since watching her new reality TV show I've fallen in love with her style. So I've added some pictures below of outfits that I've really liked. (So hard to find pictures of her style on google!)

Below I've taken a couple of her pictures from instagram because I think they show her style so much more!

I think Adrienne's style can be 'ghetto fabulous' and edgy but she always knows how to class up her outfits and make herself look elegant. I love the way her style is versatile and the way she's not afraid to go out there and try new things. The pictures don't show her many lovely outfits I've seen whilst watching Empire Girls but if you do you'll know why her love her style so much, however it may not be to everyone's taste! I don't think I could pull of everything she puts together but I think I can take ideas and inspiration from her and incorporate it into my own style. 

Do any of you watch Empire Girls and what do you think of her style?